G35 Modifications

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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These are the links to my other sites. This site is mainly for exterior/body kits.

If you are looking for Performance Upgrade please go here:

If you are looking for Rims/Wheels please go here:

Vertical Door Kit

If you are a vertical door guy, this isnt a bad deal.

No cutting ( most inner fenders need to be rolled)- No welding- No drilling- No painting nor Re-painting- No leaking ( doors close and seal like factory)- Complete reversible installation- Made and manufactured in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- All the mounting hardware included- Wire extensions included- Gas charged lift shock, and a detailed instruction manual

The price range from $1300 - $2200

VeilSide Version 1 Body Kit

Each VeilSide aero kit design is unique and tailored to match the curves and personality of the specified car. For performance, measures have also been taken to ensure low coefficience of drag. When implementing their designs, their computers account for the physical properties of a car beforehand. This allows VeilSide to precisely drill holes on a variety of their aero kits to ensure quality fit and finish. Each genuine quality component is hand crafted by a professional team in Japan and stamped with their logo for final approval.This is the newest kit on the market for the G35. Included with the kit is the Front Lip Spoiler, Side Under Wings, and Rear Lip Spoiler all made from durable urethane (which will not crack like fiberglass). The Rear Wing is sold seperately.
I would have to say this is one of the cheapest kit i've seen for G35, and it sure looks like a nice kit. Too bad the rear wing is sold seperately. I would recommend thsi kit to people who has a low budget but still wanna get his car done. GO FOR IT IF YOU LIKE THE LOOK.

The price range from $950 - $1150

If you want a spoiler to go with the veilside. It is also not included in the kit.

The price for the wing is around $700 and add $70 to get a carbon top

Top Secret Wide Body Kit

The G35 Top Secret widebody kit includes the Front Bumper with wide body Front Fenders, Side Skirts, Wide Body Rear Fenders and Complete Rear Bumper with vents. As always, expect Top Secret to have the best looking body kit out there. Carbon Fiber Difusser shwon in picture is optional as is the hood.This is one kit i really wanted, I asked around and I got a pretty good price for $5200. However, the installation price ranged from $6000 - $10,000. So i gave up! Probably the most expensive body kit out there for G35, but common, its wide body.

Price Range from $5200 - $6000

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Another G35 Coupe kit made by NISMO. Mid range price, not bad looking either.

Price Range from $2000 - $2400

Kenstyle Body Kit

CONCEPT and VISION held by KENSTYLE Aero-form: The meaning of beauty as well as function can be included in this adjective.We think the Body-kits,the exterior parts alone, are the original minor change for people who love cars, and the wonderful parts which turn the personal dream into reality.KENSTYLE is supported and loved by many people because of this fundeamental idea.
This is got to be my favourite kit because i've got it on my car lol. I just love the back bumper.
The price is kinda high however i've heard something about clone Kenstyle kits which only cost about 1/3 of the original price. But i heard there was some fitting problems for the front bumper, not too sure.

Price range from $2800 - $3100

Ings+1 Body Kit

New Ings+1 G35 coupe body kit includes front lip, side skirts and rear half bumper. Probably one of the nicest kit, smooth and clean. A little bit pricy, recommended for drivers who wants a unwild change for their G35.
Price range from $2200 - $2700

Impul 535CS Body Kit

The Impul 535CS G35 Coupe body kit consists of a front bumper spoiler (urethane), side skirts (ABS), rear bumper (urethane), fog lamp and harness kit (only for Impul kit). Now included with the kit is a 3-piece rear spoiler and impul grille badge.One of the cleanest body kit i've seen. A bit pricy but you get what you pay for - Urethane. Most body kits are made out of fiber glass.

Price Range from $3600 - $5100

GReddy aero kits

GRacer aero kits are designed to enhance your vehicleî–¸ appearance while providing good aero dynamics. The kits also help in handling and providing adequate amounts of airflow to critical engine components, such as intercoolers and turbochargers. Fully tested and constructed of the finest composite materials to fit your car with only minimal prepping for painting.

Front bumper price $490 - $680
Side Skirts price $320 - $480
Rear Skirt price $310 - $420

Gialla Corsa

This is a brand new kit for the new G35 coupe (Skyline in Japan). The Corsa G35 Coupe spoiler kit consists of a front half spoiler, front abs grill, and rear trunk spoiler. A very pretty kit to see in real life, nice choice. Not so pricy.

Price Range from $1150 - $1500 for 3 pieces

Data System R-Spec

New Data System Front Lip Spoiler
Price Range from $280 - $330

New Data System Front Grill
Price Range from $390 - $450

New Data System R-Spec Rear Trunk Spoiler
Price Range from $380 - $450

Data System R-Spec Carbon Fiber Front Lip

New Data System R-Spec Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler for your G35 coupe. Recommended for drivers who love carbon fiber. Great choice for front lip.

The Price Range from $540 - $640

Carbon Creations OEM Wing

Carbon Creations products are made from the highest quality Grade A carbon fiber available. Each item is made with 100% hand-laid grade A carbon and is protected with a UV coating that will allow the finished product to hold its high gloss finish. Carbon Creations products are known for its high quality, great fitment, lightweight, and show quality finish.

The price range from $330 - $400